Our Basic and Deluxe Wiring Harness Sets for 1953-67 Corvettes are simply an easy way for our customers to order their wiring; plus we give 10% off our retail price for each individual item within that set.

These sets are comprised of the exact same wiring products that we sell individually. There's nothing "magical" about our Harness Sets.

But because of the numerous wiring combinations among 1968-1980 Corvettes, it is not practical to configure wiring harnesses in a "SET" form for every configuration of these cars. There would be hundreds of different sets!

So even though we do offer all of the individual wiring products for 1968-80 Corvettes, we do not sell them in a "Set" form.

So what does this mean to owner's of 1968-80 Corvettes who want to completely re-wire their car?  No problem!!!

All you need to do to get the same great savings of 10% off your entire order * is:
  - Go to our on-line catalog to bring-up your specific Corvette.
  - Order at least the :
          Dash Harness
          Engine Harness
          Forward Lamp Harness
          Rear Body Harness
  - Your price will show a 10% discount on ALL the items on that same order.

All harnesses and additional products must be on the same order. Discount applies to retail internet orders only (not dealer sales). Phone-in or mail-in orders are not eligible for this discount. Our Corvette Wiring Harness Sets have already been discounted by 10% and would not be eligible for further discounts.  Discounts and/or coupons can not be combined. 10% set discount applies to a single, one-time order, and will not be given to an accumulation of harnesses purchased on multiple orders.  This is a limited time offer. Discount is not applicable to Custom Update Series or Custom Design Series" wiring systems since these are a single harness system.


To order, use our Online Catalog & Order Form.

Why do you need to replace your old wiring?


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