For those of you who think Chevrolet left room for improvement,
we offer the custom way to update your classic.

Customized wiring harness systems
for customized cars & trucks!

(complete headlight -to- taillight system)
Part #500560

What is our Custom Update Series TM Wiring System?
In basic terms, it's the simplest way to update your classic vehicle's wiring with the customized upgrades you want installed.  (upgrades may include: newer steering column, H.E.I., alternator, aftermarket heater & A/C system, reproduction tail light assembly, updated gauges, etc.).  It is a complete car/truck wiring system.

This is not a fits-all system.  It is custom manufactured for a specific year & model vehicle; designed with the foresight, engineering and flexibility to bring your vehicle's electrical system up-to-date.  When you install this system, you will determine the routing of the wires to fit your needs.

This system has been designed with the power capabilities necessary to run separate options*.

*some of these options may include power windows, stereo systems, air conditioning, computerized fuel injection / ignition system, ABS / ride control, other computerized systems, etc.  Wiring for these types of options are not provided with the Custom Update system.

Consult our online catalog for your application & price.

Take a look at all the great items that are included in the
"1960-66 Chevy Truck Custom Update Series Wiring System"

The completely new 18 fuse, 21 circuit, fuse box system that the Custom Update Series is built around comes completely ready to install under the dash. The harness that is mounted under the dash was assembled to accommodate the factory dash supports while not interfering with any aftermarket equipment that you will install under the dash now or in the future.
Original dome lighting is included in the wiring system. Additionally, the Custom Update
    series includes under dash lighting and enough spare circuits to add power door locks,
    power windows and much more!
Original design rear body weatherproof boot and tube assemblies and original design light
    sockets make  attachment to original or reproduction tail light assemblies an easy
    plug-in.  Even custom applications require these assemblies for weather protection!
All original connectors are provided for connecting to all original equipment: lighting, fuel
    sender, optional back-up lights, license lights, and even for adding a third brake light.
Simple 3-7/8 male and female connectors are provided to connect any steering column
    from the original to fully modified. The wiring harness is completely GM color coded and
    we even supply the color code to adapt the original system.

All the Custom Update Series harness systems come ready to connect to the updated SI alternator and original coil/distributor or most any aftermarket system without additional parts. All Custom Update Kits were built around, and in conjunction with, other industry leaders.  Our kits are compatible with many of the top name aftermarket manufacturer's products such as: Autometer, Classic Instruments, Dakota Digital, Flaming River, Hot Rod Air, Ididit, Pacific Western's "Rain Gear", Stewart Warner, Vintage Air, and VDO. Custom Update Kits are engineered specifically for the exact requirements of the vehicle.
1960-66 Chevy / GMC Truck Custom Update Series Wiring System
1. Standard turn signal flasher, hazard flasher, and horn relay mounted on fuse panel.

2. Fuse box and custom mounting plate are designed for bolt-on under dash installation. All required hardware supplied. Location selected for easy accessibility and clearance of under dash accessories such as all gauge packages, wiper systems, heat and air conditioning systems, as well as after market & original GM tilt steering columns.

3. New floor dimmer switch is provided. Wire length and connection accommodate original floor mount dimmer switch.

4. Instrument Cluster wiring is designed with a "cluster harness disconnect" system for easy service and assembly. All original terminals, connectors, and light sockets are also supplied for original cluster gauges. However, the best aspect to the disconnect system is that any gauge cluster package can be easily and neatly wired in. This includes AUTOMETER, CLASSIC INSTRUMENTS, DAKOTA DIGITAL, STEWART WARNER, and VDO, just to name a few.

5. Along with wiring for your original dome/interior lighting we have included separate under dash light sockets.

6. Heater control panel lighting, power, and blower motor leads are included for original style heaters as well as after market heat and AC updates such as HOTROD AIR, and VINTAGE AIR, etc. Connections are also wired in for the glove box and cigarette lighter.

7. Engine wiring includes connectors for points type and H.E.I. distributors. Power and tach connectors supplied for GM H.E.I. distributors. Alternator connectors are supplied for GM "SI" series internal regulated and all "one wire" alternators. GM "CS" series alternator adapter available separately.

8. Front lighting includes extra long leads for special routing when custom under hood appearance is desired. All headlight, park light and directional light connectors and terminals are provided, as well as a switched trigger wire for electric fan relay (usually recommended with AC).

9. Replacement headlight switch with internal circuit breaker included. Retention collar nut, adjustable length shaft, and custom knob are also included. Extra connectors and instructions are supplied for installation of original headlight switches.

10. If you choose to install a late model GM steering column with the ignition switch in the column we include the correct connectors for that as well!

11. Steering column connectors will plug directly into most after market steering columns as well as 1969 and later GM columns which utilize stock GM turn signal switches. The original column can also be wired by using the supplied mating connector and terminals.

12. New ignition switch is included with indexed connector. Additional connectors and instructions are provided to use the original ignition switch.

13. Engine wiring includes starter and gauge sender leads for water temp, oil pressure, voltmeter, and tach. Heavy 8 gauge alternator leads are supplied. Power circuits are fusible link protected.

14. Rear body harness assembly is designed to plug into the main harness in the original position, utilizing existing retainers. Flexibility in harness design allows for original or custom routing. Both pickup and suburban models are accommodated. Rear body wiring includes backup light wires and mating connectors for backup light leads. License plate lead, connectors, and terminals included. Fuel tank sender wire and terminal included. Leads and terminals included for jamb switches and dome light.

NOTE: Custom Update Series Kits do NOT support ammeters or generators!  They will support a voltmeter and alternator.

This Custom Update Series
TM Wiring System should ONLY be used if you are building a custom, retro-mod / retro-rod type of vehicle.  It is designed for that purpose.  If your goal is to restore, or keep, your vehicle to a factory-original configuration, we highly recommend our Original Design Series TM wiring harnesses.

Consult our online catalog for your application & price.
When re-wiring my vehicle, should I choose the
Original Design SeriesTM or Custom Update SeriesTM Wiring?
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