AND BETTER THAN N.O.S. (new old stock)

Here's why:
Let's face it folks, auto makers never designed a wiring harness to last 30-50 years.  As a matter of fact, your car's wiring was only designed to last 10 years before it starts to deteriorate!  There is ample documentation to substantiate this claim.

Your car's wiring was made of copper with a plastic insulation.  The plastic insulation was porous.  Contaminants, like oxygen, moisture and airborne pollutants, eventually pass through the insulation to attack the wire; a condition called oxidation.  There is no practical way to completely seal off the circulation of air and moisture between the individual wire strands. Once the wire strands become oxidized, the internal resistance of the wire increases substantially.  This is not a good thing for your car's electrical system.

If your wire has gotten to the next stage of deterioration by becoming brittle and cracked, it is in immediate need of replacement.  At this stage, a short circuit to ground is eminent.  In a worst case scenario, it can cause a fire.  

Even if you are lucky enough to find an N.O.S. wiring harness, the wire strands will have deteriorated over time just by sitting on a shelf.  For this reason, it would NOT be wise to purchase an N.O.S. harness.

The same corrosion factor happens to the wire's terminals over time.

Lectric Limited offers wiring harnesses with brand new wire.  Get rid of your car's electrical problems, or potential problems, by replacing all the wiring with new harnesses from Lectric Limited!

Original Design Series Wiring Harness

Before you buy a wiring harness for your restoration, show car,
or daily driver, ask yourself "Is it a Lectric Limited wiring harness?"

Lectric Limited Wiring Harnesses are:

Original Blueprints

Built to Original Blueprint Specifications
Our extensive library of obsolete original automotive blueprints insures that all our harnesses are built to manufacturer's correct specifications.  This is the only way to insure you don't have problems with installation, operation, or car show judges.

Correct Wire

- WIRE TYPE (we are the ONLY reproduction company
   that uses correct wire type)

Correct Terminals

We machine crimp our terminals. Machine crimping, unlike hand crimping, uses a 3 to 5 ton press to apply terminals so they won't fall off.  Terminals (if called for) are then dip soldered.  Terminated wire is also put through a digital pull-testing machine as an added quality control procedure.

Correct Connectors


Correct Lamp Sockets


Correct Clips


Correct Tape

- TAPE TYPE (adhesive, non-adhesive, fiberglass or cloth) 
- TAPE WRAPPING (Most of our harnesses are wrapped
   using an automated taping machine (as opposed to
   hand taping). This process insures uniform tape
   tightness and spacing.

Wiring Harness Board

Assembled on a Wire Harness Layout Board: Using a wire harness layout board assures that each harness is made accurately with correct: break-out positions, lengths of wires at break-outs, harness fastener locations and  taping locations.  This insures that a harness built on our board will fit correctly and be able to reach where it needs to go.

Circuit Analyzed

Fully Circuit Analyzed - One of our best selling points!!!
Every harness built by Lectric Limited harness is fully circuit analyzed while being built on the same layout board on which it was manufactured. Our digital circuit analyzers check continuity (or breaks in continuity) in EACH circuit of a harness. We are the ONLY reproduction wiring harness company in the world that circuit analyzes every harness we build!  This is the ONLY way to ensure that a harness will work BEFORE you install in your car. After all, you don't want to tear-out your brand new harness because it's faulty (and could be a fire hazard). Not to mention the time you wasted installing a defective harness. Buy your harnesses from Lectric Limited and you won't have to worry about an incorrectly made harness.

NOTE: We've invested thousands of dollars into new, state-of-the art circuit analyzers to replace our older testing systems.

Did we need to purchase new testing equipment?  Not at all.  But since circuit analyzing is one of our best selling points, a vital step that no other reproduction harness company takes, we want to be sure our testing standards are current and state-of- the-art.  This way you can be CERTAIN that your harness will function perfectly BEFORE you install it!

- Made in the U.S.A. (Chicago Area)
- We Are The Manufacturer
- Buy Factory Direct


- 99% of our Corvette and 1955-57 Chevrolet Full-Size
  products are in stock, ready to ship!
- We offer only the finest quality harnesses!
If you buy from us, factory direct, we'll ship your order
within 24 hours!!! (on in-stock, non-special order products.)

If you need ALL the wiring for your vehicle, purchase the
complete set
and save 10% !!!

Many original Packard terminals and connectors are quickly being discontinued. This makes it increasingly difficult to produce an authentic reproduction wiring harness. However, Lectric Limited is meeting this challenge by producing its own tooling and molds to replace many obsolete components, this way our harnesses continue to meet the most rigid demands of the enthusiast.  On rare occasions, however, we may require our customers to use a connector from their original harness to preserve originality.

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When a donor harness is required by the customer.

VERY FEW of our non-Corvette harnesses require that you supply us with a "donor" harness.  If a donor harness is required, we will use one or more components from this donor harness to manufacture your new harness.  The remainder of the components, and all the wiring used on your new harness, will be brand new.

The reason for requiring a donor harness is that some of the unique components required to manufacture a new, reproduction harness, are no longer available, and no longer being reproduced.  Without these essential components, your harness can not be produced.
Of course, we use all brand new wire, tape, and a majority of new terminals and connectors.

The needed components, usually connector(s), fuse block or bulk head connector (the bulk head connector is the one that goes through the firewall), must be good condition and not broken.  We will carefully remove the component(s) from the donor harness.  If a connector is used from your donor harness, we will replace the all the terminal(s) with new ones.  If a fuse block is needed, we will replace all the fuse clips and connectors with new ones.

When you place an order for a harness that requires a "donor" harness, we will contact with more specific information, after we receive your order.

Harnesses that require a "donor" harness include, but are not limited to:
- Buick Full-Size Power Window Harness
- Buick Skylark/Special (1964-67) Dash Harness
- Buick Skylark/Special Power Window Harness
- Cadillac Dash Harness
- Chevrolet Chevelle/Monte Carlo/ElCamino Power Window Harness
- Chevrolet Full-Size (1963) Dash Harness
- Chevrolet Full-Size Power Window Harness
- Oldsmobile Cutlass/F85 (1964-67) Dash Harness
- Oldsmobile Cutlass/F85 Power Window Harness
- Oldsmobile Full-Size (1958) Main Harness
- Pontiac Full-Size (1955-62) Dash Harness
- Pontiac Full-Size (1964-67) Engine Harness
- Pontiac Full-Size (1964-67) Front Light Harness
- Pontiac Full-Size Power Window Harness
- Pontiac GTO/LeMans/Tempest Power Window Harness

These are a "special order" item.  Call us if you have any questions.
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