Genuine 1960-71 G.M. Guide® T-3® Headlight Bulb Sets

T3 T-3 Guide sealed beam headlight bulbs

Don't sacrifice safety with burnt-out, dim, cloudy, pitted, discolored, hard-to-find or incorrect headlight bulbs.

ONLY Lectric Limited's T-3® Headlight Bulbs are:

  • Brand new reproduction sets.
  • Produced using original manufacturer's blueprints.
  • Correct! Having the original T-3® and GUIDE® insignia on the lens.
  • Brighter than the original bulbs.
  • Built for longer bulb life.
  • NHTSA DOT approved to be street legal.
  • Officially Licensed.
  • Made by an OEM manufacturer in the U.S.A.
  • Available for many General Motors makes/models.
  • Sold in complete sets only.

Great care was taken to improve the photometrics and candlepower of these bulbs in order to meet the current Federal Highway Safety and Lighting Standards, without compromising the original lens prescription.

Our 1960-67 bulbs (Part # SB6067S) will fit, and be correct for, all 1960-67 GM vehicles with a 4 headlight bulb system using 5-3/4" bulbs. Complete set includes (2) hi-low beam & (2) hi beam bulbs.

Our 1968-71 bulbs (Part #: SB6871S) will fit, and be correct for, all 1968-71 GM vehicles with a 4 headlight bulb system using 5-3/4" bulbs.  Complete set includes (2) hi-low beam & (2) hi beam bulbs.

Why you shouldn't buy an old bulb (used or N.O.S.)?

If you were to buy an N.O.S. (new old stock) bulb from a vendor at a swap meet, the going price per bulb would almost equal what we charge for our complete set. And what the vendor doesn't tell you is that when you go to energize your newly purchased N.O.S. bulb, it may instantly burn out, or is certainly destined for a very short life. Obviously, this is also true of bulbs purchased from junk yards.

The reason is simple.  These bulbs were not designed to last 40-50 years. What happens to these bulbs (even never used bulbs) is that over time, they can develop cracks in the varnish (seal) on the back of the bulb. Once a crack develops, air can enter the bulb (which is under a sealed vacuum), and the filament will instantly burn out when power is applied.

Why do we sell our bulbs in complete sets (not individually)?

In order for our T-3® headlight bulbs to be street legal and sold in the U.S.A., they had to be manufactured to meet or exceed the current U.S. federal highway safety and lighting standards. Consequently, our T-3® bulbs are manufactured to be about 25% brighter than the original bulbs. They do not project the typical dim, yellow cast as the original bulbs did; leading to difficult night time driving. (For those of you who are concerned about having your car judged, the level of bulb "brightness" is not a judging criteria - but at least you'll be able to see when you drive.) If you were to replace only one bulb, you would instantly notice the difference in brightness when placed side-by-side to an old original bulb.

Download a free T-3® Headlight Bulb Chart

PRICE and BUY for your specific vehicle.

1953-82 Corvette & 1955-57 Chevrolet Small Bulb Sets

small light bulb sets
Example of our complete small bulb sets: 1971 Chevelle/El Camino/Monte Carlo set (left) and 1970 Corvette set (right). (Click to enlarge)

The restorer's "ULTIMATE" bulb set. It replaces all interior and exterior light bulbs in your car (except headlights and some optional equipment bulbs). Includes instructions on the location of each bulb. These sets eliminate hunting for information on hard-to-find bulbs or having to buy full boxes of each bulb just to use one or two bulbs from that box.

PRICE and BUY for your specific vehicle.

1953-82 Corvette Fuse and Flasher Sets

1953-82 Corvette fuse and flasher sets
Example of our complete fuse & lamp flasher sets: 1974 Corvette set (left) and 1982 Corvette set (right). (Click to enlarge)

Lectric Limited's fuse and flasher sets are a must for anyone installing a new dash harness in their Corvette, or those who want to be prepared for trouble on the road. These sets include all the replacement fuses and the flasher(s) required for a complete installation. Also included is a spare of each fuse size and a fuse removal tool.

PRICE and BUY for your specific vehicle.

"Glo-Blo" Lighted Indicator Fuse Sets

ATM ATC Mini Glo-Blow fuse sets
"Glo-Blo" fuses sets. Use part # ATC201 if you have ATO (regular) fuses, or part # ATM101 of you have Mini fuses. (Click to enlarge)

These mini-size or regular-size blade fuses contain an innovative (red LED) fault indicator light. The indicator light is within the fuse housing. When the fuse is blown, this fuse glows, eliminating the guesswork and allowing for fast and easy location of the blown fuse. Lectric Limited’s Glo-Blo fuses are sold in 7-fuse sets containing one of (Orange-5A, Brown-7.5A, Red-10A, Blue-15A, Yellow-20A, Clear-25A, Green-30A).

How do they work? These fuses use a very low power small LED light that is connected across the fuse element in parallel. When the fuse opens (blows) due to over current or short circuit, this allows the current path to go through the small light, luminating it for fast & easy identification of the blown fuse. The reason the light is not always on, is due to the circuit being in parallel. Under normal operation, current passes through the fuse element, not the LED light. “Glo-Blo” fuses (also known as Smart-Glow or Blo-N-Glo fuses) will illuminate up to 2,000 hrs. until they are able to be replaced.

PRICE and BUY for your specific vehicle.

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