Why should you rewire your vehicle?

It IS time to replace your wiring!  Here's why.

THE PROBLEM: Let's face it folks, NO automobile manufacturer ever designed a wiring harness to last 30-60 years. As a matter of fact, your vehicle's original wiring was only designed to last 10 years before it started to deteriorate! There is ample documentation to substantiate this claim.

Even if you think your wiring "looks good", it's probably not.  Your wiring is made of copper wire with a covering of plastic (mostly PVC) insulation. This insulation is porous. Contaminants, like oxygen, moisture and airborne pollutants, eventually pass through the insulation to attack the wire; a condition called oxidation. There is no practical way to completely seal off the circulation of oxygen and moisture between the individual wire strands. Once the wire strands become oxidized, the internal resistance of the wire increases substantially. The same oxidation/corrosion factor will happen to the wire's metal terminals over time; further increasing the internal resistance of your wiring harness. This is not a good thing for any electrical system. Even if you are lucky enough to find an N.O.S. (new old stock) wiring harness, the wire strands have probably deteriorated over time just by sitting in a bag on a shelf. For this reason, it would NOT be wise to purchase an N.O.S. harness.

bad wiring harnesses

If your wire has advanced to the next stage of deterioration by being brittle and cracking (especially evident in an engine compartment where high heat and moisture are constant), it is in IMMEDIATE need of replacement. At this stage, a short circuit to ground is imminent. In a worst case scenario, it can cause a fire.  Not a good day if your vehicle is stored in your garage!

THE SOLUTION: Get rid of your vehicle's electrical problems, or potential problems, by replacing all your wiring with new wiring harnesses. But, before you buy a wiring harness for your show car, restoration, or weekend driver, ask yourself, "Is it a Lectric Limited wiring harness? "

Lectric Limited - We're All About The Details!

How is a wiring harness made?

Our Original Design Series™ Wiring Harnesses are:

  • A. Built to the Original Manufacturer's (OEM) Blueprint Specifications.
  • B. Built with Correct Wire (wire type, gauge, color).
  • C. Built with Correct Terminals.
  • D. Built with Correct Connectors.
  • E. Built with Correct Lamp Sockets.
  • F. Built with Correct Grommets.
  • G. Built with Correct Clips.
  • H. Built with Correct Tape.
  • I. Built on a Wiring Harness Assembly Board.
  • J. Quality Control Tested with a Digital Circuit Analyzer.

There's more...

  • Our Wiring is Proudly Made in the U.S.A. (Chicago Area).
  • Buy Factory Direct. We are the Manufacturer.
  • 99% of our Corvette and 1955-57 Chevrolet Full-Size products are in stock, ready to ship!
  • Finest Quality and Fastest Delivery! We'll ship your order within 1 business day on in-stock, non-special order products.

If you need ALL the wiring for your vehicle, you can save 10% off your entire purchase!

Please Note: We only build wiring harnesses from the original manufacturer's blueprint specifications. We do not build wiring harnesses from sample harnesses. For this reason, if the harness you need is not offered in our catalog, we would not be able to manufacture it, even if you send us your old harness.

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