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When General Motors needs a wiring harness or spark plug wire set for one of THEIR restoration cars, they use Lectric Limited products! Even General Motors knows of Lectric Limited's quality, accuracy and attention to detail.

"I just wanted to express my high degree of satisfaction with parts purchased from you in connection with my recent 1961 Vette restoration. I purchased the full wiring harness, T-3 bulbs, full bulb/fuse kit, dated plug wires and the single wire Breakerless SE ignition unit. The latter unit was very easy to install and works perfectly; a welcome solution when the points became cantankerous. Overall, the quality was very high, delivery quick and ordering was extremely easy on the internet. Good verification of order via email. Highly recommend your company."

Bill Usher
Houston, TX

"These are your Original Design Series wiring harnesses as they're being installed in my 1954 Corvette restoration project!"
1954 corvette restoration wiring

John Herold
Charlestown, WV

"Great, Fast Service and Delivery to replace my '72 big block main engine harness and dash harness. All lengths, colors, connectors correct. All functions worked first time. Very satisfied customer."

John Fuller
Littletown, CO

"The very first harness I installed in a Corvette I was restoring was manufactured by Lectric Limited. 28 years later, Lectric Limited harnesses still remain the only harnesses I use. They always fit and function perfectly."
427 corvette

Dan Russo
Villa Park, IL

"I have installed Lectric Limited products on my personal vehicles for over 25 years. I can certainly testify that Lectric Limited manufactures one of the most correct restoration products available. Can you afford to have a faulty or damaged original harness on your vintage, high dollar Corvette? I can't. I always recommend Lectric Limited products."

Don Picha
Plainfield, IL

"Just a quick note to thank you for the outstanding product and excellent service. The (T3) lights could not look any better on my restored truck. Thanks"

Fountain Valley, CA

"....just got my folks make nice stuff!...I am very pleased!...Thanks."

Québec, Canada

"I just placed an order for a set of spark plug wires and received them within two days. I couldn't believe it when they were at the door. I then opened them and saw the quality of the product and can't wait to install them. I hope to use your services in the future. Thank you."

John Gielink
South Euclid, OH

"You are a very awesome company. The delivery was really fast here in Finland and the wiring harness was better than I could imagine. I will continue to order from you and I have already recommended you here in Finland."
Sami Lahti Corvette Finland

Sami Lahti
Seinajoki, Finland

"I bought big block spark plug wires from you for my restoration. I was surprised at the superior quality of your work. I will certainly use your products for my next restoration. You guys do a great job."
corvette engine wiring harness

John Wagner
Indianapolis, IN

"I ordered a VIG5862M harness and a fuse block for my ‘61 Corvette on Thursday, in the afternoon. I could not believe it when I received same on Friday in the a.m. 'Outstanding service'. Product quality is 2nd to none. I know I will need other products from you in the future, and will not hesitate to call Lectric Limited. I also while ordering, phone person could not answer question that I had, she switched me over to a tech rep., and my question was answered in what seemed to be a milli-second. Thank you very much for a terrific experience with a class 'A' company."
1958 - 1962 Corvette Engine Harness VIG5862M

Jerry Jeup
Eastpointe, MI

"Last night I installed the final wire harness in my 1957 Nomad. I wanted someone to know how much I appreciated the fact that everything fit so well, was so clearly marked, that all the breakouts were in the right places and it looks great. What started out as a simple refresh of a car I have owned for 34 years has become a full project. Thank you for making the wire harnesses available. You can not imagine how many repairs I had made over the years. Now everything is fresh and probably everything will work just as planned. Thank you for your help in my project. A job I dreaded was not bad at all."

Jack Miller

"The new spark plug wires for my '58 Olds fit great and look like original.  I would recommend Lectric Limited for anybody’s period correct automobile. Thanks!"
1958 Olsmobile Rocket engine spark plug wires

Craig Tripe
Alma, NE

"Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the new Lectric Limited BREAKERLESS-SE ELECTRONIC IGNITION CONVERSION KIT I just installed in my ’64 Stingray’s 327 340HP engine. The installation was, for the most-part, quite smooth. Coupled with one of your companion coils, a new ballast resistor, and a fresh set of your plug wires, the engine cranked right up on first try. Timing is set dead-on now and the car starts and runs like new. I’m so happy to finally be done with changing those mechanical points! And, I couldn’t be happier that the ignition upgrade is completely hidden under the distributor cap! Just thought I’d drop a note to let you hear about my experience, and to tell you how pleased I am with all your products...."

Bill Church
Chesapeake, VA

"I am currently running one of your main dash harness' in my car & I can't say enough good things about it! Of all the parts I replaced during this frame-off (restoration), it was definitely the best."

Dave Wark
Langley B.C. Canada

"I have a '64 Corvette that developed an electrical problem. After deciding on replacement of the dash harness, I phoned Lectric Limited with an order and a request for overnight delivery. The lady I spoke with verified availability and assured me she could get it out on overnight delivery. The harness and catalog arrived at 9:30 am the next morning. This allowed me to install in time for the weekend show. I was very impressed with both the quality of the product and the service I received. I commend you on a job well done."

Bob Essen
Cincinnati, OH

"You need the right parts for your Corvette. No disappointments from Lectric Limited."

Jim Fornler
Belleville, IL

"I would like to express my appreciation of your company's attentiveness to customer service. I find this focus on customer satisfaction to be unique among Corvette parts dealers - its refreshing. I look forward to future business with you."

Buddy Williams
Fort Worth, TX

"I ordered a set of the NEW T-3 headlight's for my 1970 VETTE on Mon. the 23rd. I received them on the 25th & they are in the car working PERFECTLY. Thank you for your Quick & Professional Service!!!!!!"

Robbie Cantrell

"...I've already installed your rear lamp harness which was a perfect match to the original. Excellent quality!

Ron Zic
Scottsdale, AZ

"I never think I can find so much wiring for my Chevrolet. After I install new wiring, it looks and run very very good! You make the best."

John Gustafson
Frankfurt, Germany

"I just installed your temp sender in my 70 Chevelle SS and the gauge works perfect. I was getting ready to tear out the dash to replace the gauge when I read a post on Chevelle Tech about your company and that you could help. That was the easiest fix that I have had in some time and it took two wrong senders from Chevy and one correct sender from you. Thanks again."


"Gentlemen, we are a high quality restoration shop geared for originality. Most of our restorations use your products. Most all of my suppliers carry your line. You have consistently high standard and quality product which makes our end result much more conforming."

Back In Time
Bethlehem, PA

"Just installed this kit (Breakerless Electronic Ignition #38131) in my 65 Impala SS 327. I was having a problem trying to set a new set of points after it started backfiring. I decided to get this kit. Boy am I glad I did. I am a backyard mechanic, but I do not consider myself an expert by any means. This was easy to install. I did not have to remove the distributor and just took my time and followed the instructions. It fired up perfectly on the first try. I will definitely recommend this to anyone with an old points distributor. Headed to Cruisin' the Coast this weekend. Thanks Lectric Limited!"

Mike Broussard
Destrehan, LA

"A while back, I completely rewired my 1968 SS Chevelle using your outstanding wiring products. Not only did the harness match the original in every detail, when I had questions they were answered quickly and with expertise. When my next project rolls in, I know exactly where to go for the best wiring components."
1968 chevelle wiring harnesses

John Bragg
Sparks, NV

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