We carry hundreds of miscellaneous products for classic and muscle cars & trucks, including: Original-Looking Radios, Wiring Junction Blocks, Distributor Caps, Corvette Wiring Diagrams, Printed Circuit Boards for the Instrument Cluster, Console Gauges, Speedometer & Tachometer, and more.

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1953-82 Corvette and 1967-72 Camaro Laminated Wiring Diagrams

Corvette Camaro Chevelle Wiring Diagram
Sample of our Laminated Wiring Diagram (click to enlarge)

Lectric Limited's Corvette and Camaro wiring diagrams are fully-laminated (both sides) and are BIG (approx. 18" x 22" to 21" x 24") for easy viewing. These are complete schematics of a base model car (with no factory options). They are highly recommended for anyone who is doing their own wiring. If you accidentally smear grease or oil on these diagrams while working on your car, no problem. They easily wipe clean.

These wiring diagrams are the perfect compliment to any Lectric Limited wiring harness. For your convenience, a Corvette laminated wiring diagram is included in all of our Original Design Series™ Corvette "Deluxe" Wiring Harness Sets. Printed with permission from General Motors Corporation.

  • 1953-55 Corvette Wiring Diagram - 6 Cylinder, Part #VWD5355
  • 1955-57 Corvette Wiring Diagram - V8, Part #VWD5557
  • 1958-60 Corvette Wiring Diagram - Part #VWD5860
  • 1961-62 Corvette Wiring Diagram - Part #VWD6162
  • 1963 Corvette Wiring Diagram - Part #VWD6300
  • 1964 Corvette Wiring Diagram - Part #VWD6400
  • 1965 Corvette Wiring Diagram - Part #VWD6500
  • 1966 Corvette Wiring Diagram - Part #VWD6600
  • 1967 Corvette Wiring Diagram - Part #VWD6700
  • 1968 Corvette Wiring Diagram - Part #VWD6800
  • 1969 Corvette Wiring Diagram - Part #VWD6900
  • 1970 Corvette Wiring Diagram - Part #VWD7000
  • 1971 Corvette Wiring Diagram - Part #VWD7100
  • 1972 Corvette Wiring Diagram - Part #VWD7100
  • 1973 Corvette Wiring Diagram - Part #VWD7300
  • 1974 Corvette Wiring Diagram - Part #VWD7400
  • 1975 Corvette Wiring Diagram - Part #VWD7500
  • 1976 Corvette Wiring Diagram - Part #VWD7600
  • 1977 Corvette Wiring Diagram - Part #VWD7700
  • 1978 Corvette Wiring Diagram - Part #VWD7800
  • 1979 Corvette Wiring Diagram - Part #VWD7900
  • 1980 Corvette Wiring Diagram - Part #VWD8000
  • 1981 Corvette Wiring Diagram - Part #VWD8100
  • 1982 Corvette Wiring Diagram - Part #VWD8200
  • 1967 Camaro Wiring Diagram - Part #CWD6700
  • 1968 Camaro Wiring Diagram - Part #CWD6800
  • 1969 Camaro Wiring Diagram - Part #CWD6900
  • 1970 Camaro Wiring Diagram - Part #CWD7000
  • 1971 Camaro Wiring Diagram - Part #CWD7100
  • 1972 Camaro Wiring Diagram - Part #CWD7200
  • 1955 Chevrolet Full-Size Wiring Diagram - Part #CWD5500
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Distributor Caps

1963-65 Corvette & Oldsmobile Distributor Cap
DC310R Distributor Cap. (click to enlarge)

Lectric Limited offers reproduction distributor caps for fuel injected 1963-65 Corvettes and 1959-64 Oldsmobile Fullsize cars.

These distributor caps have the points adjusment window, as original.

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Door Boots

Wiring Harness Door Boots
VPB6880 Door Boot. (click to enlarge)

These boots attach between the door and the door jamb to protect the wiring harness leading to the power windows. The harness routes through the inside of the boot. If your door boots are torn, dry-rotted or missing, Lectric Limited offers authentically reproduced door boots.

PRICE and BUY for your specific vehicle.

Junction Blocks (Battery Cable & Accessory)

Battery Cable & Accessory Junction Blocks
Examples of our reproduction junction blocks. (click to enlarge)

An electrical junction block, also known as distribution block, provides a common area to join heavy-duty positive or negative connections within a vehicle. If your junction block is missing, cracked, rusted/oxidized, or you just want to add a common connection point, Lectric Limited offers several reproduction junction blocks.

PRICE and BUY for your specific vehicle.

License Plate Light Assemblies

Corvette License Plate Light Assembly
Examples of our license plate light assemblies. (click to enlarge)

Replace your broken or old, weathered plastic license plate light housing / assemblies with those from Lectric Limited.  Our reproduction license plate light housings/assemblies are manufactured to the original factory specifications.

PRICE and BUY for your specific vehicle.

Printed Circuit Boards

Speedometer / Tachometer / Console Gauges Printed Circuit Boards
Examples of our printed circuit boards. (click to enlarge)

A common cause of  intermittently working console gauges, inconsistent gauge readings, or light bulb failure is a defective printed circuit board; specifically damaged, shorted, worn-through, or broken copper traces (contacts). To restore your gauge functions or gauge illumination, Lectric Limited offers printed circuit boards for console instrument panel gauges and speedometer/tachometer gauges. Our reproduction printed circuit boards are made with pliable, plastic coated material as-original.

PRICE and BUY for your specific vehicle.

Radios (authentic looking on the outside, with today's technology inside)

Authentic Looking AM FM Bluetooth Radios
Examples of our authentic looking radios. (click to enlarge)

The radio with an overall appearance of the original, but with today's technology inside. Uses analog controls to look, fit, feel, and function just like the original.

Although our radios for each year/make/model vehicle can be different, common features include: Bluetooth® technology, AM/FM, 180 watts RMS (45 watts x 4 speakers 4 ohms), Bluetooth, memory retention, auxiliary input & output jacks, LED dial lights, selectable 1-4 speaker capability, utilizes original antenna & cable. Not for use with original speakers or wiring connections. Radios include complete, easy-to-follow wiring instructions.  Please allow additional delivery time.

PRICE and BUY for your specific vehicle.

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