Technical Help

We’re here to help!  And we understand that automotive wiring systems can be intimidating, appear to be complicated, and that not everyone is an "electrical engineer". For these reasons, Lectric Limited provides our customers with knowledgeable, FREE tech support for every product we sell.

That being said, it is difficult to diagnose electrical problems or applications via email.  If you have any technical questions about our products or their application, either before or after your purchase, please call us at 708-563-0400 (M-F 8am- 5pm - central time) to speak with one of our professional & courteous technical support staff members. 

But first check our (F.A.Q.) frequently asked questions to see if your question is listed. Our F.A.Q. page is quite extensive and updated regularly.

Please Note: Except for the limited repair components we offer, we do NOT sell individual terminals, connectors, wire, clips, or any other components used to repair a wiring harness, battery cable or spark plug wire.  Our focus is to manufacture and supply completely assembled wiring products.
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