Classic Update Series Wiring Systems

Wiring Systems for Customized/RestoModed Classic & Muscle Cars

What is our Classic Update Series™ wiring system?

In basic terms, it's a complete wiring system in a box!  This (made in the USA) system was designed with the foresight and engineering to bring your vehicle's electrical system up to date, with power capabilities necessary to run separate additional options.  It's the simplest way to update wiring with the customized upgrades you want installed. Upgrades may include: newer steering column, H.E.I. electronic ignition, aftermarket heater & A/C system, reproduction tail light assembly, updated gauges, an alternator, etc. This system is tailored to the needs of the resto-mod builder. This is not a generic wiring kit that fits everything from a street rod to a dune buggy; like the "other guys" sell. This is a complete headlight-to-tail light wiring system designed specifically for your vehicle!*  You choose the routing of the wiring to fit your needs, and to accommodate all of the most popular custom/aftermarket and reproduction/original accessories you desire. This 12-volt system also includes many of the vehicle's basic electrical devices, switches, and detailed installation instructions. Yes. We make wiring THAT easy!

Is this wiring system the right choice for you?

If you plan to mostly-customize or fully-customize your vehicle, we offer our Classic Update Series™ wiring system. But the question is, What is meant by a "Classic Update" wiring system? Ultimately, that will be for you to decide. But here are some guidelines.

  • Do you want the flexibility to route your wiring the way you want?
  • Do you want to hide your wiring, and need longer-than-factory wire lengths to do so?
  • Do you want original equipment style connectors and terminals for aftermarket gauges or instrument panels?
  • Do you want an updated fuse block (with plastic fuses) and room to add more circuits to connect other devices?
  • Do you want to save some money by cutting most of the wire to the length you need, crimping most of the terminals yourself, and taping the harness to suit your needs?

If you've answered YES to the above questions, then our Classic Update Series™ wiring system is an option for you. But please read the information below to be certain. Our Classic Update Series™ wiring system is designed for an upgraded/modified vehicle. Consequently, it:

  • does not support an ammeter, but will support a voltmeter.
  • does not support a stock generator, voltage regulator, or externally regulated alternator, but will support an internally regulated Delco "SI" Series or 1-wire alternator. Some adapters may be available for use with other internally regulated alternators. See our online catalog.
  • does not connect to factory-original wiring since this complete system will replace all of your original wiring.

PLEASE NOTE: This Classic Update Series™ Wiring System is recommended only if you are building a fully customized, mostly customized, retro-mod/retro-rod type of vehicle. It is designed for that purpose. If your goal is to restore your vehicle to its factory-original/OEM configuration, or primarily factory-original configuration with some upgrades/options, then we highly recommend that you purchase our individual Original Design Series™ wiring harnesses instead, then make any wiring modifications necessary to accommodate your upgrades/modifications.

What is involved in the installation of this system?

Although this system is designed for a specific year/make/model vehicle, it is not an entirely "plug & play" wiring system.  This is a customizable wiring system which means the installer will be required to route the wires to their desired locations, trim some of the wires to their desired length, affix some terminals and connectors to suite their vehicle’s electrical devices, and wrap/cover the harness as desired. Harness tape and convoluted tubing is not included. Our Classic Update Series™ Wiring Systems come with detailed and easy-to-follow installation instructions.  Here is an example of the type of installation instructions (32mb .pdf) that you will receive with this system.

What is included with this system?

These wiring systems include: new wiring, updated fuse block, headlight switch, headlight dimmer switch, ignition switch, boots, tubes, grommets, fuses, relays, flashers, original connectors, terminals, disconnects and detailed installation instructions. CLICK THE LINK BELOW to your wiring system for more information and a more complete itimization of what is included.

What is not included with this system?

* Although this system was designed with the power capabilities necessary to run separate options, this system is for a base-model vehicle, and (unless noted) does not include the wiring for options like: power windows, power top, stereo system, air-conditioning, cruise control, rear window defogger, computerized fuel injection/ignition system, ABS/ride control, other computerized systems, etc. Wiring for these types of options (should you decide to add them) are typically provided by the manufacturer of those options, and would need to be added by the installer.

Need help deciding?  Still not sure if you should purchase our Original Design Series ™, Classic Update Series™ or RestoMod Series™ wiring system?  Here are some questions you can answer to help you make the right choice.

Classic Update Series™ wiring systems were designed and manufactured for specific vehicles. Click the appropriate link below for more information and a product photo.


Chevrolet Camaro
Chevrolet Chevelle
Chevrolet Corvette
Chevrolet El Camino
Chevrolet Impala
Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Chevrolet Nova
Chevrolet Fullsize / Passenger Car
Chevrolet Nomad / Wagon
Chevrolet / GMC Truck
Oldsmobile Cutlass
Pontiac Firebird / Trans Am
Pontiac GTO

All our wiring is Made in America

Although we continuously strive to add additional vehicles to our Classic Update Series™, at this time we only offer wiring systems for the vehicles shown above.

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